Computer Science 1

Hi! I'm Haley Suzuki and this is my webpage for
Computer Science 1. We are studying C#. I am a freshman and
it's my first year of computer science. I'm also a level 9 gymnast
and I hope to go to college on a gymnastics scholarship.



This program, uses buttons to display "Goodbye" in different languages along with an image of the county's flag.

About Page


In this program, the user can press different buttons to display information, images, and change font and text color.

Mailing Label


In this program, we used text boxes to get and store information from the user and output it to a label in a mailing label format.

Car Rental


This program allows the user to enter information through text boxes to calculate the cost of a car rental. It also calculates the number of miles driven and outputs the users information into labels. It can also do manager calculations.



In this program, the user can enter their height and weight in text boxes then the information is used to calculate BMI.It can also calculate the average BMI and keeps track of the number of people who calculated their BMI.

Car Rental Upgrade


This program is an upgraded version of Car Rental. It's added features include radio buttons and checkboxes to allow the user to choose their car and pick optional upgrades.

Test Scores


Test Scores is a program that allows the user to enter two test scores and calculates the letter grade of both tests. It also outputs which score is higher and the average of the two scores.



This program simulates two rolling dice. It uses random numbers and displays the faces of the dice that the user rolled. This program also shows the sum of the two dice rolled and keeps track of how many times the user rolled each sum two through twelve. It also displays the probability of rolling each sum.

Vegas Craps Game


This similar to the Dice program and is like the Craps Game in casinos.

Shirt Sales


Shirt Sales is a program that calculates and displays the amount due for an shirt order.

Slot Machine


This program simulates a slot machine. It uses text boxes and radio buttons to allow the user to enter the amount



This program is a rock-paper-scissors game. It allows two people to play and hides the first person's choice. It also keeps track of who won each round.

Whale 1


Fish 1 is a program that moves a whale graphic left or right with buttons. It also keeps track of how many times it moves and bumps the left and right side of the tank.

Whale 2D


Fish 2D is a program that moves a whale graphic left, right, up or down. It can move with a button or by automatically. It also keeps track of how many times it moves and bumps the left, right, to and bottom of the tank. The user also control how fast the whale moves. There is also a fish that the shark can eat.

NCAA College Football Bowl


This project displays the information of the 2019 Holiday Bowl. It also shows infomation about the colleges who played in the bowl.



This program is a Tic-Tac-Toe game using a three by three array of picture boxes.



N! is a program that allows the user to enter a number and it will show the sum, the evens, the odds, factorials and Fibonacci from 1 to the number entered.

Basic AI Game


This is a basic AI game that has two characters. One moves automatically and the other is controlled by the arrow keys.

Star Field


In this program, there are stars moving in a direction so that it looks like you are traveling through a star field.

Fish Aquarium


In Fish Aquarium, there are 20 different fish that move randomly around the tank. There is a shark that can eat the fish, and a hook the fish can get caught on. There are also bubbles floating from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Integer and Search Array


In this project, there is an array of 5000 numbers. The program finds the highest, lowest and average numbers in the array. It can also generate a random number to search the array for and calculate how many times it took to find the number.

Test Score Histogram


Test Score Histogram is a program that fills an array with random numbers 0-100. It outputs how many people got A's, B's, C's, D's and F's.



Airplane is a project where there is an aiplane continuously dropping dynamically created bombs and the dinosaur has to dodge them.

Final Project - Whale Wars


Whale Wars is a game I made up where the player has to collect planton for a whale to win the game.